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Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Do You Want More Traffic?

Do You Want More Traffic?

Do you want more traffic? Common, everyone wants to get a flood of traffic on their site, most people say, they have enough traffic on their website, but actually, they search for this term all the time?
The most SEARCHED question is — how one can get more traffic?
There are lots of tips and tricks provided by experts over the internet that how to get more traffic, but there is a question wandering in the beginner's mind that where to star? Where do you spend your precious time?

How To Get Traffic To Your Website Fast

Let’s see at my researched SEO case, for example, Google now uses about 200+ factors in its search engine algorithm including many social signals, Dwell Time, and trust flow. How can you decide which ones to focus on first?

This is would be Bitter Truth I'm telling you that, you will NEVER be able to hit all 200 factors in your website.
Actually, I never focus on everything, even most of the Experts can't do. Why? Because, If I say this can be doing impossible, this couldn't be wrong.
But after all, I’m still able to get tremendous results like most of the successful Digital marketer got because I’ve figured out the quality of useful tactics that actually help me to achieve amazing results.
Just take a look at the screenshot below…

Analytic Report of 25th Feb - 25th March

Look at this just one month and here is the growth in traffic I was able to produce

Analytics Report of 25th March - 25th April

YES – That’s right, I increased my traffic by 100% in one month without spending a Rupees/Dollars on advertising.

If you think that’s convincing, just look at my Google's search rankings. Not only do I rank #1 for “digital marketing agency” (one of the most competitive search terms), I also rank #1.

Digital Marketing Agency

This is not quite simple to rank this highly competitive keyword. But you know what’s even more difficult than ranking for “digital marketing agency” in this competitive market…
Just asking, Who wouldn’t want more traffic this way? And if you think that’s great, check out below how I implemented an effective tactic that grew one of my client's search traffic by 100% in just 1 month.
Let's have a look at this website's traffic before I showing the tactic that I implemented on it…
How are your active users trending over time?

Getting traffic on a regular basis is never easy, but once you optimize your content in a better way, it will help you to get a flood of traffic. Here we go to see some of the best-proved tactics that I got so much traffic into it.

11 Tactics That Will Help You To Get More Traffic

  1. Create Quality Contents.
  2. Lists it on Online Directories.
  3. Post content to Social Media.
  4. Creates Quality Backlinks.
  5. Try Guest Posting.
  6. Exchange Quality Webspace.
  7. Make Attractive Landing Page.
  8. Write a Catchy Headline.
  9. Use Effective Keywords.
  10. Use Google Ads, if you afford.
  11. Be Consistent in Posting New Article.

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