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Monday 13 February 2023

What is On-Page SEO in Digital Marketing?

Basically, On-page SEO refers to the optimization of individual web pages of the website in order to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engine result pages (SERPs). On-page SEO is a critical component of an overall search engine optimization (SEO) strategy and it can improve the visibility and traffic of a website.

On Page SEO and Off Page SEO

Both on-page and off-page SEO are important for a successful SEO strategy. While on-page SEO lays the foundation for ranking high in search engines, off-page SEO helps to establish a website's authority and credibility. A combination of both techniques can help websites achieve long-term success in search engine rankings.

On Page SEO Types

By focusing on these On Page SEO Checklist, you can improve the visibility, ranking, and overall user experience of your website.

  • Keyword optimization: Keyword research is important for analyzing the most relevant and high-traffic keywords to target in your content. Once you have a list of keywords, you need to ensure that they are strategically placed in key on-page elements such as the page title, meta description, header tags, and body content.

  • Content quality: Search engines prefer websites with high-quality, relevant, and informative content that answers the user's queries. This means creating well-researched and engaging content that satisfies the user's intent, with the right mix of keywords, headings, and images.

  • User experience: User experience (UX) is a crucial factor in on-page SEO as it affects the overall engagement and satisfaction of your website visitors. This includes factors such as website design, navigation, site speed, and mobile responsiveness.

  • Title tags and meta descriptions: Title tags and meta descriptions are HTML elements that provide information about your page to search engines and users. The title tag is the clickable headline that appears in search results, while the meta description provides a brief summary of the page's content.

  • URL structure: The URL structure of your pages should be descriptive, concise, and include relevant keywords.

  • Header tags: Header tags (H1, H2, H3, etc.) help structure the content on your page and make it easier for search engines to understand the hierarchy of your information.

  • Internal linking: Internal linking is the process of linking one page of your website to another. This helps search engines understand the structure of your site and can improve the user experience by making it easier for visitors to navigate your content.

  • External linking: Link to authoritative external sources to provide additional information and context.

  • Image optimization: Optimizing images for on-page SEO involves compressing image file sizes, using descriptive file names, and adding alt tags that describe the image and its context.

  • Mobile optimization: Optimizing the page for mobile devices can help improve the user experience and also help the page rank better in mobile search results.

  • Site speed: Ensure that your website loads quickly and is optimized for mobile devices.

  • Social sharing: Add social sharing buttons to make it easy for visitors to share your content on social media.

  • Local SEO optimization: Optimizing the page for local search by including local keywords, business information, and user reviews can help improve search engine rankings for local searches.

  • Google Analytics: Install and monitor website analytics to track visitor behavior and measure the effectiveness of your on-page optimization efforts.


In conclusion, on-page SEO is a crucial aspect of SEO that involves optimizing individual web pages to rank higher and attract more relevant traffic. By following best practices for keyword optimization, content quality, user experience, title tags and meta descriptions, header tags, URL structure, internal linking, and image optimization, you can improve the visibility and success of your website.

Tuesday 30 April 2019

Do You Want More Traffic?

Do You Want More Traffic?

Do you want more traffic? Common, everyone wants to get a flood of traffic on their site, most people say, they have enough traffic on their website, but actually, they search for this term all the time?
The most SEARCHED question is — how one can get more traffic?
There are lots of tips and tricks provided by experts over the internet that how to get more traffic, but there is a question wandering in the beginner's mind that where to star? Where do you spend your precious time?

How To Get Traffic To Your Website Fast

Let’s see at my researched SEO case, for example, Google now uses about 200+ factors in its search engine algorithm including many social signals, Dwell Time, and trust flow. How can you decide which ones to focus on first?

This is would be Bitter Truth I'm telling you that, you will NEVER be able to hit all 200 factors in your website.
Actually, I never focus on everything, even most of the Experts can't do. Why? Because, If I say this can be doing impossible, this couldn't be wrong.
But after all, I’m still able to get tremendous results like most of the successful Digital marketer got because I’ve figured out the quality of useful tactics that actually help me to achieve amazing results.
Just take a look at the screenshot below…

Analytic Report of 25th Feb - 25th March

Look at this just one month and here is the growth in traffic I was able to produce

Analytics Report of 25th March - 25th April

YES – That’s right, I increased my traffic by 100% in one month without spending a Rupees/Dollars on advertising.

If you think that’s convincing, just look at my Google's search rankings. Not only do I rank #1 for “digital marketing agency” (one of the most competitive search terms), I also rank #1.

Digital Marketing Agency

This is not quite simple to rank this highly competitive keyword. But you know what’s even more difficult than ranking for “digital marketing agency” in this competitive market…
Just asking, Who wouldn’t want more traffic this way? And if you think that’s great, check out below how I implemented an effective tactic that grew one of my client's search traffic by 100% in just 1 month.
Let's have a look at this website's traffic before I showing the tactic that I implemented on it…
How are your active users trending over time?

Getting traffic on a regular basis is never easy, but once you optimize your content in a better way, it will help you to get a flood of traffic. Here we go to see some of the best-proved tactics that I got so much traffic into it.

11 Tactics That Will Help You To Get More Traffic

  1. Create Quality Contents.
  2. Lists it on Online Directories.
  3. Post content to Social Media.
  4. Creates Quality Backlinks.
  5. Try Guest Posting.
  6. Exchange Quality Webspace.
  7. Make Attractive Landing Page.
  8. Write a Catchy Headline.
  9. Use Effective Keywords.
  10. Use Google Ads, if you afford.
  11. Be Consistent in Posting New Article.

Tuesday 1 January 2019

SEO tips 2019

SEO Tips 2019. How to improve SEO in 2019?

With each coming year, things are changing in the field of SEO. Today we will glance at a portion of the SEO tips 2019.
                     For the individuals who don't think about SEO. It is a shortened form for Search Engine Optimization. In straightforward words, SEO is the method for enhancing the number of guests to a specific site, by enhancing the position or pursuit positioning, over Search Engine Result Page (SERP) to enhance online visibility as far Organic Search. For the most part, an inquiry emerges in everybody's brain, is Google going to execute SEO by refreshing the Search Algorithm?

                             Most importantly, one will know why this inquiry emerges. Ordinarily, we have seen Google refreshing its Algorithm which definitely influenced the Search Results. These updates from Google are to keep up its capacity for giving the best exact query item. From the previous decade, Google has made themselves the greatest Goliath in the Search Engine industry due to their first class seeking results. Individuals have developed trust in Google Results due to its rightness. And such a lot of happening on accounts of the Google Algorithm Updates. Seo tips 2019

Henceforth, the right response to the inquiry is, "No Google wouldn't murder SEO". So SEO is responsible for the Year 2019 and a lot more years to come. Yet, it is valid; few changes are made by Google which may have murdered some old SEO strategies and philosophies despite the fact that some remaining parts unaffected. 

Some way or another, it's ending up hard for people groups to figure out which SEO strategies to execute and which to dispose of. Here we will show the absolute most vital SEO tips to follow in the Year 2019 on the off chance that you need to enhance your site positioning without getting hit by any Google Penalty or Algorithm Updates.

In case begin with the best SEO tips for 2019:

1. Quality Content is the King of SEO. 


The simple essential purpose for looking on Google is the precision and the quality
Outcome Google gives. In any case, how Google internet searcher gives such a precise outcome? At whatever point client bolsters some inquiry in the Google Search bar. Google crawler will begin searching for the best outcome it can offer. Google themselves don't minister data. They search for the sites, web journals, pages having the best significant answer, and begin posting those sites in the SERP. The one having the best data will rank at the best three of SERP. Be that as it may, those best spots are difficult to get.

As to top spots, you have to do inquire about and create content which has all the data significant to those inquiries and key expressions. In this day and age content having the best data are granted and those having very little neither get much reward.

                         In this way, in the event that you own a site, make sure to create substance significant to your specialty. Never redirect from your specialty, provided that you do Google may not comprehend what the reason for your site is. Seo tips 2019 make substance which enable Google to comprehend your site job. What's more, create content for the theme most looked in your specialty. In conclusion, never trade off with the quality and measures. The more you focus toward extraordinary ubstance, more is the odds of you getting a higher positioning. There is an idiom in the substance composing network Make substance for the peruses and after that for the crawlers.

2. Ordinary marking to enhance visibility.

For the most part, site proprietors have a misinterpretation that they have made the best substance and Google will demonstrate them on the best. In any case, lamentably, it is guileless reasoning. Almost certainly, you have made best substance yet by what means Google will comprehend that you have the best substance?

You have to do standard Branding. For the individuals who don't comprehend marking. It is a method for advancing your site, substance, and web journals on different stages of the World Wide Web to acquire gathering of people fascination. When the group of onlookers begins to find out about your image, on the off chance that they can identify with your site they will impart it to their companions.

Website optimization tips 2019

When your image picture begins to manufacture Google will consequently see your quality and will give results for the questions identified with your specialty. So marking will be the X-factor for SEO in 2019. Be that as it may, abstain from spreading over for marking in light of the fact that once Google understands your underhanded moves they will punish or de-record your image, site or blog from the SERP marking to acquire fascination and visibility.

3. Build up the best UI/UX structure

Enhanced User Interface and User needs will proceed with its significance in the year 2019 as well. Endeavor to build up the best UI/UX with the goal that your site can connect more watchers. On the off chance that you are disregarding this tip, you are overlooking some difficult issues of SEO. Since it is demonstrates that Google Analytics is utilizing different measurements to assess Website Quality. UI/UX configuration is one such vital factor.

Search engine optimization tips 2019

On the other side that your site or blog must be intuitive content and has data which are helpful. Moreover, if the site or application is easy to understand, which means that visitors will remains on your site or blog for longer terms and will search for other important pages too.

This all will assist you with gaining increasingly faithful watchers, enhanced Bounce
Rate, increment in the quantity of Page Views which are some essential diagnostic
Elements Google uses to pass judgment on a specific site. Better the interface better will be visible response.

4. Portable Indexing is the following enormous advance

It is no news that versatile clients have assumed control over the Search Engine by tempest. Google has as of late distributed that they are encountering more hunt traffic through cell phones in contrast with work area gadgets. Google has officially expressed that they are going for versatile first ordering and they have just begun the procedure. As of late, they have installed Mobile Indexing highlight in Google Search Console recently called Webmaster apparatus.

Website design enhancement tips 2019

In this way, the opportunity has already come and gone for the individuals who are as yet uninformed of the ongoing postings. We prescribe each site proprietor to give careful consideration, on versatile enhancement of your site. Since in future, portable s will be the brilliant key regarding SEO. Since every potential customer are searching for the data/benefits on their cell phone. Perhaps you are perusing this article on your cell phone.

Most ideal approaches to build up a portable cordial site is to utilize versatile well disposed subjects, utilize versatile stopping on CMS stage, endeavor to construct a site utilizing WordPress, AMP (quickened portable pages), Bootstrap, and so on. What's More, in the event that you don't have a portable well disposed webpage, attempt to Upgrade it or streamline your site for simple versatile use. Versatile Optimized Website is here to endure the long run.

 5. Enhance Website Speed by creating Responsive Website. 

We can associate this point with our past experience. More often than not we disregard a site in the event that it requires excessively of stacking investment. So a similar thing will proceed later on.

Also, today we are living in the realm of 4G's and 5G's web association and if your site can't stack even in such a fast web association. At that point my companions you have to concoct answers for enhance it.

Website optimization tips 2019

Expel each one of those snags which are pulling down your site speed. There are different ways like decreasing HTTP ask for, limiting server reaction time, utilizing
enhanced pictures, offbeat stacking of CSS and JavaScript, and so forth to enhance site speed. You can learn here different methods for enhancing site Speed. So have a responsive site with better stacking time can help SEO in 2019. Endeavor to improve the speed of the site. Nobody prefers moderate process make your site exceptionally quick.

 6. Use Voice Search Optimization

In 2018, we have seen that how voice acknowledgment and voice look is turning into an indispensable piece of everyday use. Correspondingly, it will proceed in 2019.

The present market holds different gadgets like Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and so on which are currently changing the manners in which we are looking things. With different mechanical headway, voice Search is turning into the following huge thing in Search Engine field. We have just observed that Google has incorporated AI into their Search Engine Optimization. Utilizing Rank Brain innovation they are currently giving the most exact outcomes than any time in recent memory. Be that as it may, when they acquainted Google Assistant with the cell phones there is a move of traffic toward voice looks.

Possibly today Voice Search isn't holding a significant part of the traffic however in future, without a doubt they will assume the most imperative job in SEO. Seo tips 2019 on the off chance that you set yourself up today for those progressions it will be a noteworthy lift for your SEO. Give me, a chance to give a few traps on the best way to set up your site for voice seeks. Utilize long tail key expressions. Since the present short watchwords are not getting more effects like they use to have previously. Do appropriate research and set up a rundown of key expressions individuals are utilizing while at the same time seeking. Utilize key expressions which normally group of onlookers use for asking for some data. Utilize those Long Trail Key expressions and Sprinkle it everywhere on your substance for best outcomes. Voice Command will be the eventual fate of each gadget.

 7. Actualize SSL Security to enhance Authority.

It is a regularly known factor that on the off chance that you have a protected site it will acquire an incentive when contrasted with a non-secure site. Indeed, even Google concurs that they like to rank Websites with SSL Security over an unbound site. For the individuals who don't comprehend the SSL Certificate and its significance in Search Engine Optimization.

Search engine optimization tips 2019 

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate is little information documents that are feed or introduced over web server as a prudent step against undesirable dangers coming about to harm sites expert. This SSL Certificate gives preference as far as SEO as it has been affirmed by Google that HTTPS holds a vital job as a position

Friday 29 December 2017

What Is SEO / Search Engine Optimization?

What Is SEO And How It Works?

SEO Meaning?  "Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of improving internal and external facets of a site, or Web page, to boost its organic visibility for search engines".

Search engine optimization is an important portion of your site, but keep in mind it is only one point to care about. SEO requires a site that's constructed well and one which is quite easy to use in order to be valuable and give the most engaging content. While Seo is an ever-evolving qualified practice, there are several foundations or traditional elements in its core. Ultimately, we need to do Google SEO as it always is worth it to pursue ethical SEO since most Black Hat techniques while they may offer short-term success will inevitably lead to punishment and possible permanent removal of your website from the Search Engine's index. Black hat SEO isn't employable. Black Hat SEO is dependent heavily on automation to develop large quantities of ineffective web pages and also draws web links from various different sites that are actually irrelevant.

What Is SEO And How Does It Works?

What Is SEO And How Does It Works?

                                                     What Is SEO And How Does It Works?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of affecting the internet visibility of a site or a web page in an internet search engine's organic results are often referred to. Precisely what is helpful with Black Hat SEO Optimization is that it may obtain your site on the top of online search engine positions in a matter of a short period of time. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of raising the quantity and high quality of visitors to your website through organic search benefits. You must keep in mind that search engine optimization isn't a specific science. As you might have guessed, the type of search engine optimization that employs ethical techniques is named White Hat SEO. Web site search engine optimization demands a good quantity of research. What Is SEO And How Does It Works? The very first step in website search engine optimization is to develop basic knowledge of how search engines are working.

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Why Digital marketing required for every Company these days?

SEO tips 2019

On-Page SEO Techniques

·   Keyword - Keyword research is the most important part and it is also the first step to be successful SEO strategy.
·   Meta Tags – There various Meta tags are (Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords) used in the SEO to optimize your website better and get rank in the SERP.
·   Content – Great content always gets first priority in the ranking factor. “Content is King” and it’s true.
·   Graphical and Video Content – The content contains some mixture of textual, graphical, and video seems quite engaging and impressive to read.
·   Social Media – Keep in mind, that social media never favor the best SEO practice but we use it to get some traffic.

SEO tips 2020

Please be updated with these trending hacks in the SEO world to make your clients happy...

>   Seo marketing
>   Website ranking google
>   Website optimization
>   On-site SEO
>   Social media SEO

What Does Off-Page SEO mean?

Generally, SEO is divided into two categories like On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. In off-page SEO we generally perform a list of various activities to increase the website's traffic and create backlinks to obtain top ranking in Search engine result pages. Here I'm gonna show you some most popular Off-Page activities which are generally done by SEO professionals to get fruitful results.

List of SEO Off-Page Submission

Social Bookmarking

Classified Submission

.  Ping Submission

.  Image Submission

.  One-Way Submission

.  Three-Way Submission

PPT Submission

.  PDF Submission

.  Video Submission

.  Article Submission

.  Blog Submission

.  Regional Niche Submission

.  Profile Submission

.  Business Listing

.  Press Release etc.

Ruthless Search Engine Optimization Strategies Exploited

The approaches to optimizing a site to improve search traffic are most commonly known as hitting. It looks like everybody has a site. If your site comes in at like the hundredth result each time a search is being made, it doesn't get seen by anyone and it won't help your organization in any respect. Quite simply, if your site is all about clothing then join a clothing message board that makes it possible for you to set the signature link of your site on every post that you earn. A website produces an amazing company asset. It will not set your website in danger of getting blacklisted and doesn't breach any search engine INTERNET MARKETING standards. It is going to certainly not set your website in danger of getting blacklisted and doesn't break any online search engine Optimization standards.

You should think about optimizing your website since it can help you to get more people to stop by your site. You're probably dissatisfied with not having the ability to locate your website except by your precise name. If your site isn't optimized for mobile devices, you're passing up great online exposure. Each website differs and the no.1 SEO strategy can achieve success for every single distinctive circumstance. Some of us will stumble upon your site. If many unique sites sell the exact items, and all of them use the company's descriptions of those items, identical content winds up in numerous locations throughout the internet.

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